Our NPBE Lab is interested in both the biosynthesis of natural products from diverse kinds

of terrestrial and marine organisms, and the bio molecule reconstruction using pathway enginee- ring for applications in pharmaceuticals, nutrace- uticals and cosmetics. Microbial cells have been factorized to have Nature’s catalysts in synthesis of a large array of bio molecules. Recent advan- ces in understanding of these biosynthetic ma-chineries have given the potentials not only to biosynthesize target natural products, but also to produce structurally reconstructed unnatural bioactive molecules. Our group combines as- pects of biochemistry, molecular biology, micro- biology, protein engineering, metabolic enginee- ring and synthetic biology.

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Aminoglycosides act by binding to the bacterial ribosome, thereby inhibiting protein synthesis and generating errors in the translation of the genetic code. This class of antibiotics has been widely used to treat severe bacterial infections for decades.

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About Prof. PARK

Specialties :
Natural Products
Pathway Engineering
Drug discovery

Prof. Je Won Park resear-ches the biochemical pathways of secondary metabolites in diverse organisms, of which limited information has been known. His works focuses on the aminoglycoside biosynthesis and the microbial glycosyltransfering platforms with the overall goal of uncovering new drug candidates for infectious diseases and cancers as well as novel nutraceuticlas and cosmetic molecules.

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